FRASER VALLEY // EWS Qaulifier :  May 9-10th, 2020

EWS Event Grading


 General Info: 
  • *The price of this event has changed - effective January 27th. Please view the series info page for more detail.


  • Shuttling is NOT Permitted on Friday or  Saturday.

  • This means absolutely, NO vehicles on the shuttle road carrying racers.  Racers found to be using a shuttle will be disqualified and barred from all
    Events without refund.

  • There is no training/pre-riding permitted on the trail known as - Black Forest HAM (aka Blackhawk down) - from Friday to Sunday.
    Hiking/Walking is permitted and encouraged

  • *Game Cameras and grom's have been employed, riders will be disqualified

  • Full Face Helmets are mandatory during Saturday practice

Updated as of November 11th, 2019


PRO MEN:   1st: $270   2nd: $150   3rd: $80

PRO Women:   1st: $270   2nd: $150   3rd: $80


*There must be a minimum of 125 participants in each race to be allocated the above prizing. If there isn't then it becomes pro-rated.




You are NOT required to hold any kind of Cycling BC, UCI, or ABA membership for the series. Third party

liability Insurance is now built into your registration cost and is independent of any of these associations.  You are not covered for any personal injuries or accidents during any of the BC Enduro Series races. Racers from out of province or out of country should consider obtaining appropriate travel insurance for medical emergencies and evacuations.

For a quote on race/travel insurance, check out our partners: lifestyle financial

For additional information please email: not a resident of BC or Canadian Citizen, consider getting emergency medical travel insurance. 

We've partnered with LIFESTYLE FINANCIAL


As we all know, we love to ride new trails and also existing trails that are constantly maintained and looked after.  As much as we would like to believe so, there are no 'trail fairies' that come by each night and buff up the trails and fix damaged trails while you sleep soundly in your bed ready for the next day of riding!  It's the hard work and dedication of all the local clubs and trail societies and endless hours of the volunteers in each of these race locations that keep you riding amazing trails summer after summer.  

n return for the unbelievabe support that the BC Enduro Series receives from all these wonderful towns, we will be providing a donation back to them to go towards building and maintaining the trails that we will be riding throughout the BC Enduro Series and Canadian National Enduro Series


The BCES and CNEC give 10% of all racer entries back to the host destination trail club, giving away more than $100,000 in the last three years.